Portfolio of Work by Julie R. Filatoff

Various Fiber Art/Art Quilts

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Culture Clash Artist’s Book

Working it Out Artist’s Book

Warm Hues Sewn-Over-Tapes Artist’s Book

Learning to Sew Artist’s Book

Nag Hammadi Artist’s Book

Me, The Abridged Version (MeTAb) Artist’s Book

Abecedarian Collaborative Artist’s Book


Traveler’s Notebooks

At left, my 2018 personal-size traveler’s notebook-style planner. Love this way of “sampling” washi tape to take with you. I really liked the Sharpie pens when they first came out, but the new ones (shown) bleed through paper, so now I prefer Pilot G2 07 pens. For the most up-to-date Traveler’s Notebook wishlist, visit my […]